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Criteria for Admission:

All applicants must meet the criteria for admission, regardless of whether the candidate attends public or non-public school, prior to submitting an application. Students meeting the academic requirements will be invited to audition. Audition invitations will be mailed to non-public applicants. The sending school counselor will notify public school applicants.

The application criteria below is the same for both middle and high school applicants:

  1. Academic Requirements: 80% on PSSA or other Standardized testing submitted
  2. Report Card Grades – A’s and B’s
  3. Attendance record
  4. Behavior record

Audition Requirements:

  • Vocal – ALL applicants are required to audition for vocal music, as all of our students participate in our choir.  Students should prepare any song of their choice.  While not required, students taking private voice lessons should bring sheet music, and an accompanist will be provided.
  • Instrumental – Students who have played an instrument for more than one year are encouraged to audition with their instrument. Students auditioning instrumental are required to bring a prepared piece to perform, and must provide their own instrument.  Those auditioning on piano, drum set, or upright bass may use GAMP’s instruments.

Last modified: February 8, 2018