Home & School

Volunteers are needed to sell pretzels during the lunch periods. There is an immediate opening for Mondays. Please contact Elaine Fera at elaine.fera@sunoco.com for more information.


Upcoming… Ad Book Campaign

Join us for a general HSA meeting on Thursday January 9 at 6:45pm for the State of GAMP address and for the kickoff to the 2020 Ad Book fundraiser!



About Home and School

The Home and School Association is a vibrant segment of the GAMP school family. Their untiring efforts to support our students often encompasses the entire calendar year. Fundraising activities that enhance the academic, athletic, and musical lives of our students are their primary concerns. Please encourage your family to join the Association in September of each academic year.  Your help, suggestions, and interest are needed for our school’s growth. Please speak with Home and School Officers about supporting GAMP’s 501C-3 Foundation known as “Pillars of Pride.”

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