Student Handbook

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Good classroom instruction requires that students be attentive and cooperative.  No student shall disrupt the teaching/learning process.  Consideration for classmates and neighboring classes must be maintained.  Infractions will be dealt with on an individual basis utilizing student conferences, parent conferences, detention and/or suspension.  Repeated offenders will be referred to the administration by the teacher with documented, corrective action taken before the referral. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Dean of Students, Ms. Ortiz at

Additionally, participation in the music program is required. If a student chooses to not participate in the program they will be dismissed from the school. Since students must audition to be admitted into the program, they are required to continue to play their instrument. They will only be allowed to stop playing their instrument if approved by both the music department chairperson and the principal.

The following are some of our important policies and information about extra-curricular activities at GAMP. All GAMP students are provided with a copy of our Student Handbook during the first week of school, and are expected to read over the handbook in its entirety with their parents/guardians. Questions regarding any of the content in the Student Handbook may be sent to school administration.

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