Graduation Requirements

Beginning with the Class of 2023, PA Act 158 provides alternative paths for students to achieve statewide graduation requirements.

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GAMP was founded upon a unique blend of rigorous academics and musical proficiency. Students at GAMP are asked to participate in various courses that we feel are best aligned with the core values of our program. Therefore, in addition to the standard requirements from the School District of Philadelphia/State of Pennsylvania, the following must be fulfilled at the conclusion of senior year:

  • Choir – 4 years
  • Music Theory – 2 years
  • Physical Science credit must come from Physics course
  • 10 Hours of Community Service for every year the student has attended GAMP high school

The Graduation Ceremony is a special tradition that our seniors and their families look forward to as a celebration of their four year journey through GAMP. While meeting the criteria for graduation from high school is required to receive your diploma, this alone does not automatically qualify you for participation in our special ceremony.

In order to participate in the GAMP graduation ceremony, students must obtain a passing grade in ALL classes, including the Senior project, be in attendance at ALL graduation rehearsals, have an 85% or higher attendance during senior year with no more than 7 absences per term, and have no more than 15 latenesses during senior year.

Students meeting the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s graduation requirements receive a diploma but do not participate in the graduation ceremony if they fail to meet the above criteria.  Students admitted to GAMP during their high school years will have an individual evaluation of their transcripts in order to determine their eligibility for graduation.