Dress Code

GAMP will enforce the use of a school dress code policy.  All Students in grades 5 through 12 will be required to wear this attire daily:

***Students dressed inappropriately with rips, profanity, inappropriate words or graphic will face disciplinary action***


  • Shirts – free from rips, profanity, inappropriate words or graphics.
    • No back, shoulder, chest, or midriff should be exposed
    • Tank tops are prohibited
  • Outerwear –  free from rips, profanity, inappropriate words or graphics.
  • Pants – must comply with the school district of philadelphia dress code (Pants must be neat, free of tears, and have no inappropriate logos, pictures, or wording.
  • Skirts/Shorts – No shorter than four inches above the knee.
  • Shoes – Sneakers and street shoes are acceptable – No Open Toes Shoes, flip flops, slippers, or sandals will be permitted
  • Headwear – Only religious headwear is permitted. NO HATS OR HOODS ON HEAD are permitted in halls or classrooms


Our concert dress code helps to exhibit the students’ professionalism and pride in their musical performances.

Required Performance Outfit

Men – White long sleeve dress shirt, black bow tie, black dress pants, black dress socks and black shoes, and a black belt with shirt tucked in.
***Please make sure your pants are an appropriate length – NO JEANS OR SNEAKERS

Women – Black blouse with a sleeve, black skirt (KNEE LENGTH OR LONGER), flesh tone stockings, black dress shoes.
***If you have a black dress, you can wear that with a sweater or blazer if the sleeves of the dress are too short.  Make sure that the neckline and fit of the clothing is appropriate for a professional setting.

****If any student is not dressed in the appropriate concert performance attire, THEY WILL HAVE

THEIR CHOIR GRADE LOWERED for the appropriate marking period.***