Dress Code

The dress code policy enables our students to exemplify their pride in attending the Girard Academic Music Program while proudly wearing the colors of the school: navy blue, white, khaki, and emerald green.

Dress code guidelines:

  • Shirts: T-shirt, polo, or long sleeve in school colors, preferably containing the GAMP logo.  No alterations can be made for shirts. Shirts must be in solid colors with no other logos, pictures, or wording.
  • Outerwear: sweaters, sweatshirts, or hoodies in school colors, preferably containing the GAMP logo. Non-compliant outerwear must remain in a student’s locker during school hours with the exception of their lunch period.
  • Pants: Must comply with the School District of Philadelphia dress code (neat, free of tears, and have no inappropriate images or wording)
  • Skirts/skorts: No shorter than 4 inches above the knee
  • Shoes: Sneakers are recommended. No open-toed shoes or slippers permitted.
  • Headwear: Only religious headwear is permitted. Hats or hoods are not permitted to be worn while in the building.

Gym uniform consists of school-issued attire and must contain the GAMP logo.  Sweatpants or shorts are recommended for gym days.


It is recommended that school uniforms be ordered each June for the following September.  Arrangements can be made with these uniform companies –  Triple Play (215-923-5466) or Cramer’s uniforms (215-468-2400).