5th and 6th Grade Orientation

We welcome all new students for the 2020-2021 school year! Below, you will find all information to fully prepare your child for their GAMP experience.


If your child is coming to GAMP from a Philadelphia public school, you will only need to complete the medical forms from the nurse, below.

If your child is coming from a private or other non-public school, you will need to provide these items for registration, in addition to the medical forms.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Immunization records
  3. Proof of Philadelphia residency (cable/utility bill, etc.)
  4. Registration form (EH-40) – Click here to access

**All registration paperwork should be sent to our school secretary, Ms. Spady, either by fax (215-400-8231) or click here for email.

All students – medical forms

Please submit these completed forms to Ms. Jemiri in September using the contact information provided in her letter.

Letter from the school nurse – please read first!

Physical Exam (MEH-1)

Consent for Release of Information

Dental Form

Student Emergency medical Information

Administration of Medication

Frequently Asked Questions from the virtual Orientation in June…

***Please note: Many of these questions pertain to when school takes place physically in the building.***

What is available for students before school?

The building opens to students between 7:15-7:30am daily. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria, and all students arriving before 7:50am are directed to wait in the cafeteria before going upstairs to their lockers.

Is transportation available for students?

We do not have yellow bus service. Students living outside of the GAMP’s radius  (determined by the school district) are provided a transpass to be used on Septa. Morning drop-off for cars is on Ritner Street, and all students enter the building from the Ritner St. schoolyard.

What is the dress code for GAMP?

Our students follow the School District’s guidelines for clothing – solid color tops, preferably in the school colors of navy blue, white, and kelly green. Pants and shorts must be of an appropriate length, not see-through, and free of rips or tears. All shoes must be closed-toe. Shirts, polos, and other apparel embroidered with the GAMP logo is available by contacting Triple Play.

Where can students store their belongings?

All students are issued a locker for their use throughout the school year. Lockers are to be used to store school-related items, coats, and bags. Students are responsible to keep their locker clean and all contents must be emptied at the end of the year. Lockers come with a built-in combination lock, which will be provided to students on the first day of school. We strongly suggest that parents purchase a number combination lock and practice using it with their students over the summer – this tends to make the transition to lockers much easier. For instruments, students may request a locker in the band and orchestra rooms to store their instruments; however, the student must provide their own lock for those. GAMP will not be held responsible for the contents of lockers that are left unlocked.

Are meals available for students?

Yes, we have a full service cafeteria that provides breakfast and lunch options to all students, free of charge. Students may also bring their own bagged breakfast and lunches. Students are not permitted to have food ordered and dropped off for them during the school day. Additionally, only bottled water is permitted outside of the cafeteria – all food must remain in students’ lockers throughout the day.

Can I bring electronic devices to school?

Any of these devices (including, but not limited to phones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.) are not permitted at school, and GAMP will not be held responsible for any damage to students’ devices if they are brought to school. Cell phones are to be turned off and stored in lockers during the school day. Teachers follow a “neither seen nor heard” policy for phones, which will be confiscated if a student is observed using one without permission. Parents should call the main office if they need to communicate with their student.

What musical opportunities are available in middle school?

All students participate in choir. Students who play (or want to start playing) a band or orchestra instrument will join those ensembles. All of these groups rehearse during the school day. Pull-out small group lessons also occur weekly. Students may audition for the All City Middle School Band, Orchestra, or Choir with the permission of the music staff – this commitment requires several rehearsals and a concert that is held at another location. Swing band is the middle school version of jazz band. Additionally, students may audition for the annual Talent Show and musical theater production.

My child wants to start playing an instrument – how can they obtain one?

During the first week of school, students will be surveyed as to their preference for instruments, and they will be connected with the appropriate teacher. A limited number of school instruments in working condition are available, so we encourage students to either purchase or rent their instrument. Rental information will be provided when students sign up for lessons.

I play an instrument. Do I have to participate in choir?

Yes! Every student at GAMP sings in choir, because we all have the gift of our voices, and participating in choir helps to develop collaborative skills of teamwork and performing in an ensemble. Choirs are grouped by grade level (5-6, 7-8, and high school). We also perform a variety of music genres in choir, including gospel, jazz, classical, pop, musical theater, and more.

When are the concerts?

The Winter concerts are typically held the week before Winter break (mid-December), and the Spring concert date varies between May-June. Specific dates will be announced in September. Our concerts are the culmination of students’ musical studies each semester, and count as a grade for their ensembles. Therefore, participation in each Winter and Spring concert is mandatory! Failure to attend a concert will result in a failure for any ensemble the student is enrolled in for that marking period. Also, there are two nights for the middle school Winter concert, and students must attend both performances.

What sports are available in middle school?

Sports are offered based on the availability of coaches. Typically, we have basketball for boys and girls. Sometimes there is baseball and softball. Please note that middle school sports are only eligible to 6th grade and older, and more options are available in high school.

How often do middle and high school students interact?

Students of all grade levels will interact with each other before school in the cafeteria, and during change of classes. Many of our assemblies and music performances will bring our entire school community together as well. Our high school students are very considerate and many will act like older siblings to the middle schoolers, helping them navigate the hallways and find their destinations. During the lunch periods, students attend by grade groupings, so lunch/recess for middle school is a different time from the high school.

How can parents get involved?

Please contact our Home and School Association! There a variety of opportunities for parents to assist with school events and fundraising. Please click on the “home & School” link located at the top of this page for more information. You can also sign up for the weekly HSA newsletter on that page as well.