General Music Information

GAMP is organized into the vocal and instrumental departments.  However, our school is unique in that students may participate in any of our performing ensembles, allowing them to become well-rounded and experienced musicians.

Dress Code for Musical PerformancesAll students must adhere to a dress code for all performances, to demonstrate the professionalism of our program.  Female students may wear any solid black top with 3/4 sleeves or longer, and black skirt to the knee or longer.  Black flats or low heel dress shoes are recommended.  Hair must be in a style that does not block the face, and post earrings may be worn.  Male students wear a white, long-sleeve, button down dress shirt, a black bow tie, black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes.  Sneakers and jeans are not permitted for any student.  Students who are members of concert choir purchase a specific dress or tuxedo and will receive ordering information separately from the choral staff.

Participation in GAMP’s annual Winter and Spring concerts is mandatory.  The concerts are the culmination and performance of the music students have been studying during the school year.  Unexcused absence from any concert results in a failure for choir for the 2nd or 4th marking period.

In addition of our plethora of performance ensembles, students may audition for the District 12 chorus, band, or orchestra, which is sponsored through the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association.

We are proud to hold several partnerships with professional organizations who visit our school regularly for workshops, master classes, and live performances with our students.  Some of these groups include Astral Artists, the Pennsylvania Ballet Company, and the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz.