Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences for GAMP will be held on November 23, 24, and 25 from 1-3pm using Zoom. Additionally, teachers will be available for one session from 5-7pm on either Monday or Tuesday evening.

It is strongly recommended that parents schedule an appointment to meet with any teacher. Many teachers are using Sign-Up Genius for scheduling. You can see a list of Sign-Up links for teachers by clicking here. If your teacher is not listed, please email them from the Staff Directory page.

Once the appointment is scheduled, the teacher will email the Zoom link to the parent/guardian requesting the conference.

Please note that priority will be given to appointments made in advance. Any “drop-in” conferences will be at the availability of that teacher. Parents should expect to be in the Zoom waiting room for an extended period of time if no conference was scheduled in advance.

**Special note for Choir/Vocal Music

If you wish to meet with your child’s choir teacher, do not contact the teacher listed on the report card. Instead, ask your child which voice part they are, and contact the corresponding music teacher:
Soprano – Mrs. DeSilva
Alto – Mrs. Blankenship
Tenor – Mr. Stringham
Bass – Mr. Holcomb


For students in Mrs. Rimando-Jackson’s classes…

Our long-term sub, Ms. Finch, will be available to meet for conferences.

  • 5th grade parents should sign up for a time on Mr. Holcomb’s schedule.
  • 7th grade parents should sign up for a time on Mr. Rutland’s schedule.
  • HS parents can arrange for a meeting by emailing her at


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